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Each division consists of a required piece and a choice piece.

A recording of both works is required to compete in the competition.

Piano accompaniment is not required. Works with electronic accompaniment must be recording with said accompaniment.


Tuba Student Repertoire 

Required Piece 

Solitary Meditations by Jose Flores 


Select one of the following: 

Relentless Grooves: Armenia by Sam Pilafian

Sonatina by Jan Koetsier

The Effervescent Ballroom by Frank Giulino


Tuba Artist Repertoire

Required Piece 

Suite in Bb Minor by Grant Harville (Movements 2, 4, and 6)


Select one of the following: 

Parallels by Áron Romhányi’ (Movements 1 and 2 only) 

Music for Two Big Instruments by Alex Shapiro

Let There Be Funk by D. Edward Davis


Euphonium Student Repertoire

Required Piece 

Modal Suite - Kayla Roth (Movements 1, 2, and 3)


Select one of the following:

Barcarolle et Chanson Bachique - Semler-Collery

Sonata for Euphonium (Movement 1) - Yasuhide Ito

Songs of a Sojourner (Movements 1 and 2) - Nicole Piunno


Euphonium Artist Repertoire 

Designated Piece

Alone Again - Florence Anna Maunders


Select one of the following

Fantasia Fandango - Fernando Deddos

Fantasy - Francois Glorieux 

Meditations on Sound and Light (Movement 3) - Anthony Barfield

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