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What we do

The Tuba and Euphonium Charity Series is an organization dedicated to providing accessible educational events and resources while raising money for various charities.  


We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and equality. We want to create a learning environment where anyone from any background can grow. As educators, we strive to give students the means to express themselves on the instrument. We hope our resources will empower students of any background to further express themselves through music.

How we do it

We collaborate with professionals in the industry to provide monthly events covering specific topics. 


For each event, we will partner with a different charity. Charities are either selected by ourselves or the event’s guest artist(s). 


The cost of registration for an event is free! Donations to the designated charity for that event are encouraged.


Due to COVID-19, all 2021 events will be virtual.


In addition to monthly events, we also provide educational resources on our website, blog, and social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram).

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